Building a Young Living Business for Yoga Teachers

You LOVE teaching Yoga...

You know it’s where your heart is…But it’s not possible to be full-time…

  • “ I can’t make enough money teaching Yoga to live off of.”
  • “I lost so much income when Covid hit.”
  • “I need my soul-sucking full-time job to make ends meet.”
  • “The industry is so saturated, I can’t find enough classes to teach.”

What if you knew…

  • you could teach yoga full-time (with as many classes as you want to teach, not have to teach) without worrying about money?
  • you were covered financially should you get ill? Or need to care for a family member? Or want to take a vacation?
  • you could build a prosperous future for you and your family? A sound retirement?
  • you could create college funds for your kiddos with your teaching position?


  • you were joining a community who did training designed especially for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios? 
  • you were joining a community of like-minded people who understood your needs?
  • you were in business for yourself but not by yourself?

 In comes a strategic affiliate marketing...

Think of network marketing, the business model Young Living uses, as "strategic affiliate marketing" - you get paid every time someone purchases something.

AND when someone you refer refers someone, you also get paid.

So you can build up a nice "residual income" source - something that keeps building even if you aren't working.

AND it’s a very Yogic marketing tool: the only way you succeed is by supporting those you sign up to succeed.

AND we have many tools in our community to help you - especially designed for Yoga Teachers.

This training helps you get your Young Living business started WELL as a Yoga Teacher!

When looking for a company to partner with - whether it is for affiliate marketing OR a network marketing company, you want to look for a product that fits with your brand and something your audience would be interested in.

Young Living Essential Oils is the perfect fit.

Not only are essential oils the perfect addition to a Yoga practice, Young Living has many products, free from harsh-toxic chemicals and infused with essential oils that someone who does Yoga might find intriguing.

This training consists of 15 Videos with almost 2 hours of training.

  • MODULE #1: Get you excited about the products
  • MODULE #2: Business Quick-Start
  • MODULE #3: Find your passion: product, Young Living AND network marketing
  • MODULE #4: Nittly Gritty: Setting up your business
  • MODULE #5: How do you share with your Yoga students (without actually teaching Yoga + Essential Oil classes),
  • MODULE #6: How to share with family & friends.


  • A workshop script to teach an introduction to essential oils.
  • Strategy on how to build your business smartly. 

SPECIAL BONUS COURSE: Unlocks at 31 days!

Finding Your Foundational Why

Finding your "why" behind whatever you want to do in your life is the most inspirational tool you can have in your tool kit.

What about if you could tap into an even deeper why - your Foundational Why - the feel good purpose for your life? AND you could connect that why to your business?

This course will help you tap into it.

In this multiple video series, learn tangible tools for tapping into what you really, really, really, really want in life. Be inspired to dig deeply and tap into your innermost heart.

AND receive a video to learn how you can help others go through this process, too!

8 Experiences

1-Let's Get You Started

Find your first favorite Young Living products that you'll share with friends and family.!

3-Finding Your Passion


I don’t want this business to be “just another revenue source” for you. I want this business to become a passion of yours, something that literally gets you giddy with excitement. (And if “giddy” is out of your wheelhouse, just excited!) I made this module come super early in your training because I want it to be what keeps you going, getting back to your training and building, day after day.

We have a few levels of passion we want to tap into: Essential oils, Young Living, network marketing AND for your own business. Get comfie. This section is the longest and will take a bit of inner work on your part. It is also probably the most important for the long term commitment to your business.

6-Sharing with Family and Friends

I know you began this journey thinking about sharing with your students, but don’t forget friends and family – they deserve to know, too.

Those people you care about most really need to know about these products and the financial freedom available anyway! AND you will greatly increase the base of your business.

Plus, it is really fun be in business with those closest to you. (My closest business partners are my sister, sister-in-law and my kiddos are getting started, too!)

7-Building Strategically


Let’s structure your business to help support the strongest growth for you and for the people in your organization. This is when it gets really fun!

I have a few training videos for you to take in. Let me know if you have questions!

Let’s do this!

Finding Your Foundational Why

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