Lower Back Discomfort Workshop & Series

Ready to work more on releasing your lower back tension? This 2-video set is for you!

In this Lesson, you receive 2 videos: Workshop + Series. The workshop is part lecture and description as we go through understanding the lower back, what can cause pain, and how we can release that pain. You will also be guided through a Yoga series to help relieve some lower back discomfort.

In the second video, you get the Yoga series without all of the discussion so you can enjoy it again and again. 

2 Experiences

Lower Back Discomfort Workshop

Start here: Learn more about lower back discomfort and what may be causing it. I also teach the series that you will find in video #2. Join me doing it here and then enjoy the next video in the future (when you no longer need the teaching part).

Lower Back Discomfort Series

In this video, enjoy the Yoga series I taught in the workshop - without all of the extra annotations. :-)

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